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How to Make Long Range WiFi

How To Build At least Kilometer Long Range P2P WiFi Connection in Rs.5000 With No Line Of Sight

Plotting a Plan and Site Details:

We Will made kilometer long WiFi link in Rs.5,000 between two point having no line of sight means we cannot see one site from an other site,distance will be at least one kilometer,lot of interference due to a hundred meter broadcasting tower between sites,a high electricity transmission line on one end and no clear Fresnel region.

Equipment Required:

A compass for alignment of antenna direction.

Two Tp-Link 500g AP

Two Directional Antenna (Pakistan Made will be used for minimum cost)




Cost Of Setup:

Two Tp-Link 500g AP =2*1800=3600 Rupees

Two Directional Antenna =2*600=1200 rupees

Total Cost=4800 Rupees for all new equipments


Site Map:

Antenna height 30 feet on both points.



  Setting up the Equipments

First Install antenna on both site facing towards each other,their direction must be set accurately.

Set first Access Point (AP) in AP mode and connect it to external antenna by removing antenna of AP

Setting up In AP mode
Connect AP with  computer using LAN cable.
Open network sharing center (in Window 7)
and click on Ethernet cable icon 
Click on properties 
Click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) ipv4
Click on properties again
A box will appear show blow
For Window XP 
Click Start (in the lower left corner of the screen), right-click My Network Connections and choose Properties
On the My Network Connections window right-click LAN (Local Area Connection) and choose Properties.
In the General tab of Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties window, highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties

Type in first box in second in third
and click OK
Open your web browser. Type in IP address in the address field of web browser and press Enter
Enter Username admin and Password admin clink OK.
From Wireless Mode Configure your AP in the Access Point mode and check the Enable SSID Broadcast.
SSID is the name that AP broadcast in air.

Set Second AP in Client mode

all the setup is same just in Wireless Mode select client mode and enter SSID of first AP or click survey to find your AP and save.

All method is given blow


Now you are able to connect to AP from Client AP and Link is established between two router.


  1. Yes i am also using it to connect my shop with home to use internet and security surveillance system

    1. Kindly share ur number fawad Asap mine is

  2. what sort of directional antennas we should use ? will trees,buildings and other objects between the wireless link create interference ?

    1. If you are in Pakistan you can buy local made directional antenna.Those are cheap and work well.
      If you prefer performance you can use TP-Link or other branded antenna.
      Trees buildings Wireless link they all create interference you can avoid it not completely by choosing more clear path changing wireless channel to other which is not being used by other wireless devices and using 802.11n which give more range less interference.

  3. can this be done without router. only two usb wifi adapters>? one ap and one client ?

    1. Yes but AP or server computer must be on to access it some WiFi adapters sport soft AP mode that allow one computer to share its internet with any device through WiFi.

      Computer with Soft AP Mode must connect to internet through wire(LAN) and that computer share wire(LAN) internet with other devices using Soft AP mode.

      WiFi Adapter running in Soft AP mode
      | | |
      AP in Client Mode, WiFi Mobile ,USB WiFi Adapter

    2. can i use omni beam for WiFi

  4. Fawad can we done this with TP-link 701ND AP .... i have 2.... but tel me where to buy the Antenna you say you purchase 600-Rs each.... i am survey the market its costs around 1100 a local made antenna ...
    i am waiting for your early response..


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    Wireless antenna and Ap Long range Visit

  6. You can buy these antennas from a shop where evo sold

  7. good blog

  8. fawad kia main apne wifi pai custom login page bana sakta hun??? jese wifi to connect hojaye but automatically page khul jaye phr username and password mange tb internet use ho???? how tell me plz my contact num is 03013546478

    1. Yes you can there are free routers OS which you can install on PC and connect to Network and you can make your own login page as you said Mikotech is a popular one may be a paid OS

    2. Please give your mobile number sir

  9. Aslam O Alikim
    Brother i have facing problem with my Qmobile A10
    Its wifi is not working just blink when i try to turn on. Icon just blink 5 seconds and then turn off own its own.. Tell me if you have any solution about this..

    Hafiz Umar

  10. Great Post here, I have one question, i am cable-net operator and I want to broadcast high range wifi signal in my area, can some body post full guide how i can achieve this in ?


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  13. Hi Dear Can you tell us, how much distance your this whole setup can cover, what was the distance between your shop and house,? thank you.


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