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How To Buy Best Cheap Android Phone Or Tablet

Guide For How To Find And Buy Best Phone Android Phone Or Tablet Cheapest And According To Your Requirements

There are million of android devices on this planet but which one is best for you and you and you only is most difficult task for everyone who want to buy a Android Device.
First you have to find what you need other than standard usage in these fields .
  1. Connectivity
  2. Screen and Size
  3. Camera MPs
  4. Internal Memory if it matter to you
  5. RAM Memory capacity  and Processor’s GHz Cores
  6. Android Version
  7. Sensors
  8. Battery
These are Things to Find is Your Way to a Good Android Smartphone that will meat your every day needs.
  • Connectivity
Connectivity is the First in list to decide how your will communicate with outer world.Type of SIM,Number of SIMs,2G,3G (internally or externally in Tablet) or Too Advance to Go for 4G depends upon on the GROUND you are standing COUNTRY IF its support.Not talk about WiFi it is now must in every device.
  • Screen and Size
Screen Type have Great Impact on Price and battery Higher the Pixel Density (PPI) More Will battery be consumed and more will be price higher.Screen Size is also important factor larger the Screen more Phone will become bigger  and wider more will be difficult to use by single hand.Screen Protection if you handle phone roughly is must. 
  • Camera MPs
Increase in Resolution does not mean that picture quality will be good the image sensor will decide that.Top Phone Manufacture Do their homework in this field properly like Nokia,Apple,Sony and Samsung are batter then Huawei or other companies.Auto Focus and simultaneous HD video and image recording are bounce for you.
  • Internal Memory
Internal Memory is far more fast than External Memory there for It cost money you have to decide how much you need.
ROM or Memory Available for Apps important thing if you are buy it for GAMES. 
  • RAM Processors And Price Relation 
RAM is the Price You are Paying The More RAM the More Faster the Device Will be
256MBs RAM Phone costs 7K (70$) or less never more if you are going to robed regardless of Single Dual Quad Core Processor because it will have no effect on Phone Speed and You Will Never Seen a 720p(1280x720) Video in Life on This Phone.
512MB RAM  Phone costs 10K (100$)or more if dual core/Quad core Processor  this will also have no effect on  compatibilities.On this device you can play almost all 720p(1280x720) videos but not possible to play 1080p (1920x1080) video.
1GB (1000MB) RAM Phone Costs 20K flat (200$) at least because HTC Amaze 4G is of 20K with 1GB RAM plays almost all videos With
2GB (2000MB) RAM Phone Costs 40K (400$) nearly and will support 4K in Android 4.3 too  
3GB (3000MB) is New so Its Range depends on how much you paid for it Maybe 60K or 50K.

RAM 256MB 512MB 1GB 2GB 3GB
Video Playback
Maybe 4K on some 4.3
4K on Android 4.3
Cores          Effectiveness
Single Core 800MHz
Single Core 1GHz
Dual Core 1.4 GHz
Quad Core 1.5 GHz
Octa Core 1.4 GHz
Price RS
7K        (70$)
10K   (100$)
20K (200$)
40K   (400$)

  • Android Version
Android Version Does Not Matter if it is 4.0 or above because there is less difference in features in these versions but older then 4.0 gives a lot of limitations for Game Apps and Features it is batter to have at least ANDROID 4.0 
  • Sensors
Sensors are Important part of a Device and play a key role Phone Must have at least these  Sensors
Light : Sensor to measure the light falling on phone mostly present near screen and front camera it enable phone to adjust brightness of Device according to light condition in surrounding environment Helps lot when using Device in Sunlight
Proximity : Proximity Sensor detect object near phone mostly present near screen and front camera it it use full while calling it turn off display when place phone near ear and screen automatically turn on when move away from ear.Mean never need to turn on screen during a call 
Orientation : Accelerometers support 3-axis and Gyroscopes 6-axis  with rotation detection and orientation of Phone.
Magnetic Sensor : As heard from name used to find direction like compass some devices have separate Compass dedicated for that work Magnetic Sensor also use to detect magnetic field changes like metal detectors.       
 GPS : or precisely AGPS used to find position on the earth up to accuracy of a meter.It is Must if You Drive a lot and works without Internet connectivity offline.In Tablet PC GPS mostly not present.   
  • Battery
The most significant thing in a portable gadget is battery which effect overall device experience battery Power is mostly measured in mAh the table below shows over all backup time with different parameters which represents Actual Active usage of Android Device. WiFi is highest power consuming communication  it is batter to for a Android Device With higher mAh battery. 
mAh 800-1100 1100-1400 1400-2000 2500-4500 Tabs
Single Core 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 2 Day 2.5Ah
Dual Core .7 Day 1 Day 2 Days 2 Day 3Ah
Quad Core .5 Day 1 Day 2 Days 2 Day 3.5Ah
Screen 4 inches 4 inches 5 inches 7 inches
WiFi 3 hours 4 hours 6  hours 8 hours
To Help Yourself in Finding a good Android Device use GSM Arena Phone Finder


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