Friday, 22 March 2013

How To Transfer files Wireless between Android and PC

Wireless File Transfer For Android and PC

We can transfer files between computer and android phones using WiFi of android phone having both computer and phone connected to same network or router and access it from browser we can read send sms see pictures videos transfer files install app wireless.

Things you need:

Both PC and Android Phone Connected to Same Router or network
AirDroid App  Download Here . or Download from Google Play Store search for AirDroid
A browse.

Lets Do it:

Install AirDroid and run it
Tap Start Button
Tap Start
Select the transfer method WiFi or Tethering using cable.
Tab WiFi setting
 Connect to WiFi router to which your PC is connected.
Connect to Router to Which your PC connected 
Go Back is IP is your ip address to access your mobile  type your ip address in your browser
Type password you see on phone screen

 Type password you see on mobile screen you can make a static password from setting.
That's it Transfer any thing you want

 Now you can transfer files sms any thing 


  1. If you want to get secure browsing on your WiFi then you should connect VPN Router

  2. how to upload photos from Noir a10 to PC? can anyone advice? i tried to download airDriod software but file is also not extracting.

    1. Use WinRar to extract files.
      Download images one by one.

  3. excelente my friend

  4. salam, i bought qmobile a10 5months before and my mobile battery charges very abnormally. it is obvious it consumes long time for charging, when i connect charger , it shows charging on screen but it doesnt charge actually like if i connect charger at 23% so even after long time it is still 23% charging and when i plucked out charger after so long it is still 23% , means no charging, even i tried to charge phone by computer so same problem also. i check out my usb on comp, it is ok, My battery appearance is fine, on previous charging that i charged before that problem it works properly. my phone faced that problem 2 days before. please suggest me the proper solution and reason , . I ever care my phone with respect to charging, never overcharged, and ever plug in when phone instrust "connect your charger".

  5. AOA, I am facing a problem regarding front camera in A10. Whenever I open its camera, I never find any sign/button on the screen to open the front camera. please help me. Thanks


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