Saturday, 12 October 2013

How To Re Lock BitLocker Drive After Unlock Without Restart

By This Method You Can Re-lock Your BitLocker Drive Manually By A Single Click
BitLocker is a popular Drive Encryption for Windows it is available on Windows 7 Ultimate or Later versions.
It is Easy to Use But have a drawback that drives locks only when System is Restarted.
If you have to Lock Your Drive You Have To Restart PC it was only Available option to Lock .
Even If We Hibernate our Laptop Drive Remain Open.
Now by just adding registries Now You can Mount/Un Mount your BitLocker Drives.
Download File From Here

To Add Lock Option:

  1. Extract the Add Lock
  2. First run Lock-bde.vbs and give permission if ask for.
  3. copy Lock-bde.vbs to C:\Windows\System32 Click continue to give permission.
  4. Now run Add_lock-bde.reg click Yes and Ok
  5. Check Lock Option on Your BitLocker Drive by Right Click on BitLocker Drive.

To Remove Lock Option:

  1. Delete Lock-bde.vbs file from C:\Windows\System32 that You copied to Add Lock Option.
  2. Run To Remove Bit Lock Menu.reg.


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  3. Easy to setup and easy to use. Well done!

  4. Man tooo goood! thanks a lot. this was really irritating but now the problem is solved

  5. 1. Open Command Line by typing cmd.
    2. Type manage-bde -lock X: //where X stands for the drive letter you want to lock.

  6. Appreciative :)

  7. The Lock option is not working with the normal user account. It requires administrative rights to lock the drive. Please share the solution to Lock the drive with normal user rights. Thanks

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