Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How to Download Android Apps In PC Directly From Google Play

Download Google Play Store Apps In PC


No need for internet to Download Apps in Phone just copy and past in phone memory.

Share a single app with multiple friends without downloading again for every phone.

Save apps in PC to keep phone memory free.

No More Wait for WiFi to Download App.

Lot of people use chrome browser no need to sacrifice on browsing.

Things You Need:

Android Phone.

Chrome Browser.

APK Dowloader. Download from here.


1. Download APK Downloader  

2.Open extension page in chrome from menu>Tools>Extensions. 


3.Drag and drop APK Downloader.crx file to Extensions page and click add.


4.Click Options of APK Downloader to open Login Menu.

5.Enter Your G mail ID and Password.And Device ID 

To Find Device ID 

Dial *#*#8255#*#*  and Find Device ID Starting with Android-____________

if this method is not working for your phone use Device ID app to find your Device ID Here 

Click login.

Now open Google Play Store and  open app page you want to download and click Google Play icon in Address bar to download that app.



  1. *#*#8255#*#*  ye likne se mobile ke full signal ur gaye hain....ab kya number 03076899366

    1. Their is nothing to do with phone network this number is used to launch G talk service details please mention phone model use app to find ID link is given on site.

  2. Android apps for phone can be downloaded either be it for games, social, business, communication, health& fitness & lifestyle and many more, you can name it and you will have it.

    Android Apps phone

  3. not working anymore as of may 29. :(
    it always shows an error.

  4. Cannot install apk downloader in latest chrome.

    1. First you have to open extension page in chrome then drag and drop the apk-downloader extension into extension page of chrome.and then install it.

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